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This illustration should help you understand how the information on each individual is stored in the database. The method is designed for enhanced search techniques.

Actual Database Record
Given Name(s) Abernatha/Abarintha Children-2 5
Father William, Jr. Spouse-3 Surname  
Mother Howard, Rebecca Ann Spouse-3 F-Name  
Birth Date 1825 Aug 25 Marr-3 Date  
Birth Location SC Marr-3 Location 1850: 13th Route 8 East
Spouse-1 Surname Galphin/Golphin Children-3  
Spouse-1 F-Name Thomas Milledge Death Date  
Marr-1 Date Ca. 1845? Death Location  
Marr-1 Location MS or LA? Census Data 1850MS,Attala Co.
Children-1   Source TPF, BBW
Spouse-2 Surname Gahagan Reference Number 35.chart
Spouse-2 F-Name Lawrence Other Number p. 410½
Marr-2 Date Ca. 1859 Ancestral Line Georgetown Dist., SC
Marr-2 Location SC, GA or LA? Comment BBW, p. 33

The left column (gray background)displays the field names used to store the information in this individual record. Each field name may be searched to locate a certain value, e.g., like a birth year, or a maiden name of a spouse, etc. The right column (white backgroud)displays the actual information stored for this individual. If you look at the Source field (5th from the bottom on the right) you can see that two sources are specified. But there is also an entry in the Census_Data field so there are actually three sources for the information in the record, two publications and a census enumeration.

Two given names are displayed, most likely because the name in the census enumeration differed from the name in the publication(s). Note that for Spouse1_Surname two names are also given. Here again, the sources must have differed. Also note that the Marr3_Location field, since it is not used for a third marriage, is used to store additional information - the address where Abernatha/Aberintha was living in 1850 when the census was taken. Also note that there is no entry for the Issue1 field. This means that the information is not known. If it were known that the couple produced no children then there would be a 0 after Issue1. Finally, note that in the case of both marriages, the exact location is not known. But in this case other clues suggest some possible locations and they are listed followed by a question mark to indicate uncertainty.

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