The Thomas Potts Family of South Carolina

Compiled By: Becky Sue (Bennett) Wallace

Published: 1998, Irving, Texas, U.S.A., by the compiler

Format: Softbound, 8.5" x 11", 146 pages including index

Table of Contents:


The compiler thanks those who have helped her, and explains the numbering system used and the abbreviations used.

Chapter 1 - Thomas Potts and the First Generation Born in America (6 pages)

Tradition alleges that Thomas Potts came from Northumberland, England, perhaps about 1720 to 1730, and settled on the Pedee River in the Georgetown District of South Carolina. His descendants were clanish, and when the occasion demanded, they removed as a body to another location.

Chapter 2 - The Second Generation - South Carolina (5 pages)

The family in this generation still lived within South Carolina in Craven and Chester Counties.

Chapter 3 - The Third Generation - Mississippi (10 pages)

About 1836 a large migration took place from South Carolina to Winston Co., Mississippi. Some branches of the family moved to Bienville Parish, Louisiana, settling in the Liberty Hill - Brush Valley area.

Chapter 4 - The Fourth Generation - The Civil War (19 pages)

Many of the families were wealthy prior to the Civil War, but the war brought a close to the plantations and wealth greatly diminished. Many members fought for the Confederacy, and many died.

Chapter 5 - The Fifth Generation - Texas (16 pages)

After the Civil War some members of the family removed to Texas to start new lives.

Chapter 6 - The Sixth Generation - The Turn of the Century (22 pages)

Those members who came to Texas mainly settled in Grayson and surrounding counties. Some moved to Jones Co., and one branch moved to Garza Co.

Chapter 7 - The Seventh Generation - The Twentieth Century (18 pages)

Chapter 8 - The Eighth Generation - The Present (15 pages)

By the eighth generation the Potts surname is gone, at least for the descendants herein traced.

Chapter 9 - The Ninth Generation - The Future (12 pages)

Chapter 10 - Late Additions (3 pages)

Family Charts (5 pages)

References (3 pages)

Index (19 pages)


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Note: This work is an expansion of chapter XXXV of Thomas Maxwell Potts’ compilation, The Potts Family (short title).

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