Thomas Potts [Shield] (short title)

Long Title: Thomas Potts [Shield] ~ And Related Families

Compiled By: Gloria Potts Stracke

Published: 1980 San Francisco, California, U.S.A. See also the Supplement of 1991, and Corrections added by the Author 1994. Newer edition published by the author in 1996.

Format: Looseleaf Notebook, 8.5" x 11", 241 pages including index, plus revision and addenda pages.

Table of Contents:

Introduction (4 pages)

The compiler reveals her purpose in compiling the information on her ancestors (Who am I?), and explains abbreviations used in the text.


The compiler acknowledges the prodigious effort put forth by Thomas Maxwell Potts in his compilation, The Potts Family (short title) and recommends it for anyone wishing to pursue Potts genealogy. Because there were a number of men named Thomas Potts in early Pennsylvania history, it was necessary to distinguish one from another. The Thomas Potts of this publication is noted as Thomas Potts [Shield] after the ship that he sailed on to America. The compiler describes his ancestry in England. The compiler also describes her format for presenting the genealogical data, and the method for numbering pages in the revisions and addenda.

Chapter I - Richard Potts & Anne Ashe

Pedigree (19 pages)

Chapter II - Mahlon Stacy & Rebecca Ely

Pedigree (13 pages)

Chapter III - Nathaniel Record(s), William Beakes, Mary Wall

Pedigrees (revised) (10 pages)

Chapter IV - Thomas Potts & Mary Records

Also William Beakes, Ruth Stacy, John Arney & Elizabeth, pedigrees and addenda (78 pages).

Chapter V - Thomas Potts & Sarah Beakes

Also Joseph Arney & Sarah, pedigrees (revised) and addenda (35 pages).

Chapter VI - Richard Potts & Rebecca Arney

Also Thomas Potts. & Sarah Ashton, pedigrees (revised) and addenda (19 pages).

Chapter VII - Samuel Potts & Riggs

Also Samuel Potts & Ellen Kerr, pedigrees (revised) and addenda (25 pages).

Chapter VIII - Charles Potts & Mary Alice Doll

Pedigrees (revised) (15 pages).

Bibliography (3 pages).

Index (9 pages)


  1. LDS Family History Library, U.S. & Canada Book Area 929.273, P859s.
  2. This site in Adobe pdf format (1996 edition).
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Note: This work is an extension of chapter III of The Potts Family (short title) compiled by Thomas Maxwell Potts and published by the compiler in 1901.

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