The Family of Samuel Potts (1789-1847) and Martha Baker (1794-1853) of Perryville, Kentucky

With information on the following families: Baker, Roney, Braxdale, Crutchfield, Collier, Latimer, Bruce, Lawrence, Thomas, Stewart, Sheets/Mereditch, Aldrich, and Harness

Compiled By: Glenda Potts Thacker .

Published: Draft Copy 2009, Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.A., by the compiler

Format: Bound Looseleaf, 8.5" x 11", 83 pages

Table of Contents:


The compiler describes in great detail the efforts of the several persons, including herself, who researched and documented this Potts line. Since several Potts families with unknown family ties lived in the Perryville area, the effort to find out exactly which family belonged to which Potts ancestral line was, and remains, difficult. Her thoroughness, however, will give other Potts researchers plenty of information to start wiith, and a firm platform to pursue their lines. She then brings these attempts up to the present by describing current efforts using the DNA of male Potts volunteers, and the results so far.


The compiler continues in great detail regarding the life of Samuel Potts, to the extent known so far, through his marriage to Martha Baker, their children, his manner of livlihood, property acquisitions, slave holdings, census reports, his handicap (the loss of a leg), his will and the probation thereof, Martha's death, his illegitimate son Jefferson (whom he acknowledged) and the rest of his issue and their descendants into the twentieth century.

Underlying Quest

Along with the normal deatailing of descendant vitals there is also information on Potts individuals of other families in order to provide current and future researchers data for either selection or rejection of these families as possible extensions of the Samuel/Martha Potts line.


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