A History of the Potts Family

Long Title: A History of the Potts Family (in Australia)

Compiled By: Geoffrey William Potts, transcribed by Barry Douglas Potts

Published: 2000, New South Wales, Australia

Format: Notebook, 8.5" x 11", 46 pages plus numerous pages of documents, photographs and illustrations

Table of Contents:


The compiler describes his efforts and technique in telling the story of his family, tracing back to 1790 when the family’s Australian history begins.


The transcriber describes his effort in publishing the work of his second cousin, Geoffrey W. Potts.

The Beginning

The first member of the family to arrive in Australia was Jonathan Giffiths, a convict, in 1790. He served the balance of his seven year sentence at Norfolk Island. It was there that the met Eleanor McDonald, after she arrived, as a convict, in 1792. In 1795, having served his sentence, Jonathan Griffiths was awarded 100 acres of land at Richmond, New South Wales (NSW). Eleanor joined Jonathan in Richmond, where in 1797 she had here first child. The couple was to produce thirteen children. Jonathan became a ship builder on the Hawkesbury River for trade to Sydney, and was often assigned convicts as labor. He became very successful and built a large home on Van Diemans Land (later to become Tasmania).

The First Generation

Jonathan Griffith & Eleanor McDonald’s seventh child, Ann Griffith, married Robert Potts. Robert was born 1797 at Harrowgate, Yorkshire, England. He married perhaps twice in England, the last time to Susan _____ and had two children, both or whom died as infants. In March of 1818 Robert was brought to court on charges, and was convicted. His sentence was seven years. He arrived at Port Jackson, Sydney Harbor in October 1819. He was assigned to work for Jonathan Griffiths, which is how he met and married Ann Griffiths in December 1822. They produced thirteen children.

The Second Generation

William Potts, the eldest child of Robert Potts and Ann Griffiths, married Mary Anne Kennedy. They had thirteen children. The family is described.

The Third Generation

John William Potts, the eldest child of William Potts and Mary Anne Kennedy, married Harriet Milton. They had thirteen children. The family is described.

The Fourth Generation

William Herbert Potts, the eldest child of John William Potts and Harriet Milton, married Clara Ellen Smith. They had ten children. The family is described.

Further Generations are to be incorporated.


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