Pot, Pott, and Potts Families

Compiled By: Hubert Alden Lowman

Published: Date unknown but in the mid 20th century

Format: Looseleaf, 8.5" x 11", 11 pages in Rich Text Format

Table of Contents:

Mr. Lowman reviews and relies on the work of both Helen A. Simpson and Thomas Maxwell Potts to describe the likely genesis of the Potts surname and the earliest individuals to carry it. He then extends the work of Thomas Maxwell Potts in the Thomas Pott of Wales line to his own ancestors and family.


  1. Unknown, but Mr. Lowman's last known address was 11015 Bobcat Lane, Arroyo Grande, California 93420, U.S.A. However, he was born in 1913 so the likelihood that he will respond is rather slim.
  2. A copy of the document is available in Microsoft rich text format (.rtf) format on this site. Download

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