Early Records of Simpson Families

Long Title: Early Records of Simpson Families in Scotland, North Ireland, and Eastern United States, with a History of the Family of the Compiler Helen A. Simpson, and Including Genealogies of Allied Families Hout, Stringer, Potts and Dawson

Compiled By: Helen Augusta Simpson

Published: 1927 by the compiler

Format: Hard bound, 6" x 9", number of pages in unknown but it exceeds 360

Table of Contents:

The table of contents is not presently available to the writer of this description. However, Chapter XVI, The Potts Family, refers to The Potts Family (short title) by Thomas Maxwell Potts, and lists his findings in Wales, and Miss Simpson’s findings in Wales and France. In Wales she examined the original will of Thomas Pott, the Quaker, and made hand written copies of some parts which later led her to disagree with Thomas Maxwell Potts on the meaning of "nrall" in the original will. She came to conclusions which she later (in her 1929 Additions & Corrections) withdrew. In France, at theLouvre, she came upon the tomb of Philippe Pot, Grand Sénéchal of Burgundy, marked as being dated 1477-1485. This led to discoveries that the Philippe Pot had been in England as well during that time period. From this she concluded that the name Pott most likely originated in France as Pot.


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