Memorial of Thomas Potts, Jr. (short title)

Long Title: Memorial of Thomas Potts, Junior, who settled in Pennsylvania; with an Historic-Genealogical Account of his Descendants to the Eighth Generation.

By: Mrs. Thomas Potts James (Isabella Batchelder James)

Published: 1874 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. by the author

Format: Hard bound, 8.5" x 11", 418 pages including errata

Table of Contents:


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List of Illustrations (21 included)

Explanations and Abbreviations

Chapter I. Initial Chapter (6 pages)

Briefly states (without proof) that the family of Potts is of German origin, but that the branch of which this volume is a memorial sprang from a stock that had flourished in England for more than a hundred years before a descendant immigrated to the New World. Describes the arms of Sir William Pot, an English baronet. Briefly discusses: the Pottses of Cheshire and an offshoot branch in Ireland during the 17th century; the Pottses of Wales (persecuted Quakers) alluding to the fact that they lived near iron works at Colebrook Dale. Briefly touches on the confusion caused by so many Potts of the same given name (Thomas) who arrived and settled in Pennsylvania and New Jersey at the end of the 17th century.

Chapter II. Germantown, Pennsylvania (18 pages)

Describes in some detail the early German immigration to Pennsylvania under the guidance of Daniel Pastorius, the contractual relationship and associated problems with William Penn’s colony, and the laying out of the settlements. Describes the settlement at Germantown, the interaction between the religious groups, the arrival of Thomas Rutter and the beginning of the iron mines.

Chapter III. Manatawny (48 pages)

Describes the efforts to establish and successfully operate iron mines, blast furnaces and forges in the Manatawny region of the new settlements. Describes the actions of the principals involved, Thos. Rutter, Samuel Nutt, Samuel Savage, and the problems with politics, Indians (attacks), and trade sanctions. An insight is presented to the manner in which the principals lived, and the economics and politics of operating the forges.

Chapter IV. First through Eighth Generations (288 pages)

Begins with a description of Thomas Potts, Senior, the uncle of Thomas Potts, Junior, (the subject of this memorial), and then proceeds to describe Thomas Potts, Junior, and his descendants through the eighth generation.

Inscriptions (8 pages)

Copy of the inscriptions on the monuments, tablets, and tombstones in the burial ground of the Potts family, in the order in which they occur, commencing at the northwest angle of the cemetery, Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Rutter (3 pages)

The marriage certificate abstract and family information for Thomas Rutter.

Samuel Nutt (3 pages)

The arms of Nutt, and the will of Samuel Nutt.

Robert Grace (17 pages)

Miscellaneous family information regarding Robert Grace.

James (2 pages)

Certificates of good character and marriage abstracts for David James.

Appendix (7 pages)

Contains supplemental notes to the text.

Index (16 pages) - Contains four separate indexes:

Index I. Christian Name of those bearing the Surname of Potts.

Index II. Descendants of Thomas Potts bearing other Names.

Index III. Names of those who have married Descendants of Thomas Potts.

Index IV. Miscellaneous.

Errata (2 pages)


  1. LDS Family History Library, U.S. & Canada Film Area 1321281, Item 5.
  2. Higginson Book Co., B.O. Box 778, Salem, MA 01970 U.S.A., reprint, hard or soft cover, approx. $80 U.S.
  3. Pottsgrove Manor, 100 King St., Pottstown, PA 19464, $60.00 + shipping.
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Note: This work is an enormous expansion of chapter X of Thomas Maxwell Potts’ compilation, The Potts Family.

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