Pot, Pott, and Potts in the Netherlands, England and the United States (USA)

Compiled By: Lynn E. Waterman

Published: Provided to this site May 2007

Format: Looseleaf, 8.5" x 11", 10 pages in Microsoft Document Format


Mrs. Waterman presents an outline descendants report starting with ancestor Pieter Jacobs of the Netherlands. The surname Pot was added when Emporer Napolean so decreed, and an extra t, and then an s, were added by the ensuing generations. Ten generations are presented starting in the mid 18th century and ending with the present.


To help those unfamiliar with naming customs in the Scandanavian countries, Mrs. Waterman presents the following: Even before the surnames were added, the child was "called back" to his parent(s), or grandparent(s). In other words, if Jan Pot had a son named Pieter, then the child was "called back" to the father, Jan; therefore Peiter would become Pieter Jans Pot. This was also true for females. Hence, Martje, daughter of Jan would be "called back" to her father and become Martje Jans Pot.


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