The Potts Family in Great Britain and America

Long Title: Historical Collections relating to The Potts Family in Great Britain and America with a historic-genealogy of the descendants of David Potts, an early Anglo-Welsh settler of Pennsylvania, including contributions by the late William John Potts.

Compiled by: Thomas Maxwell Potts

Published: 1901 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. by the author. At least 163 copies were printed, with at least one copy in the Pennsylvania Historical Society at Philadelphia.

Format: Hard bound, 6" x 9.25", 735 pages including index.

Table of Contents:


Part I. The Potts Family in Great Britain (97 pages)

Describes the variations of the arms of Pott or Potts; the earliest discovered to have been awarded was in 1583. Describes the derivation of the name Potts, anciently Pott, found in records as far back as A.D. 1278. Discusses: the Potts of Cheshire and Derbyshire back as far as the 1500s; the Potts of London; the Potts of Staffordshire; the Potts of Shropshire; Thomas Pott, the persecuted Quaker; the Potts of Wales; the Potts of Mannington, Norfolk; the Potts of Bedfordshire; the Potts of Bentham Hill, Kent; the Potts of Scotland; Rev. Thomas Potts of Flushing (Vlissingen, Holland); and the Potts of Ireland.

Part II. The Potts Family in America (530 pages)

Chapter I - The Earliest Potts Emigrants (2 pages)

Chapter II - The Potts of the Virginia Settlement (6 pages)

Chapter III - Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family (61 pages)

Chapter IV - The Potts of Middlesex County, New Jersey (7 pages)

Chapter V - The Potts Family in Pennsylvania (2 pages)

Chapter VI - Elizabeth Potts and her daughter Jane Potts (7 pages)

Chapter VII - Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family (19 pages)

Chapter VIII - Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia County (12 pages)

Chapter IX - David Potts, of Philadelphia County (2 pages)

Chapter X - Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale) (16 pages)

Chapter XI - The Orphan Children of John Potts, of Wales (5 pages)

Chapter XII - Joan or Jone Potts (2 pages)

Chapter XIII - Margaret Potts-Cox (4 pages)

Chapter XIV - Eleanor Potts-Roberts (2 pages)

Chapter XV - Margaret Potts-Morgan (1 page)

Chapter XVI - Rees Potts, of Germantown (1 page)

Chapter XVII - Jonathan Potts, of Lower Dublin (4 pages)

Chapter XVIII - "Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle"(13 pages)

Chapter XIX - Kinship of the Potts of Pennsylvania (5 pages)

Chapter XX - David Potts, of Loudoun County, Virginia (25 pages)

Chapter XXI - Jonas Potts, of Loudoun County, Virginia (26 pages)

Chapter XXII - Jonathan Potts, of Pennsylvania and Kentucky (9 pages)

Chapter XXIII - John Potts, of Path Valley, Pennsylvania (4 pages)

Chapter XXIV - The Potts of Northumberland County, Penn. (4 pages)

Chapter XXV - The Potts Family of Barbados and Maryland (7 pages)

Chapter XXVI - The Canadian Branch of the Potts Family (3 pages)

Chapter XXVII - Early Potts Settlers in North Carolina (4 pages)

Chapter XXVIII - Moses Potts, of Iredell County, North Carolina (4 pages)

Chapter XXIX - John Potts, of Iredell County, North Carolina (3 pages)

Chapter XXX - Henry Potts, of Rowan County, North Carolina (3 pages)

Chapter XXXI - The Potts of Mecklenburg County, No. Carolina (18 pages)

Chapter XXXII - Jonathan Potts, of South Carolina (4 pages)

Chapter XXXIII - The Potts Family of Eastern Virginia (4 pages)

Chapter XXXIV - The Potts of King George County, Virginia (3 pages)

Chapter XXXV - The Potts of Georgetown District, So. Carolina (4 pages)

Chapter XXXVI - Dr. Anthony Potts and his Family (2 pages)

Chapter XXXVII - A Potts Family of Charleston, South Carolina (2 pages)

Chapter XXXVIII - The Potts of Union District, South Carolina (1 page)

Chapter XXXIX - The Potts of Davies County, Kentucky (3 pages)

Chapter XL - The Potts of Jefferson County, Kentucky (1 page)

Chapter XLI - A Potts Family from County Cavin, Ireland (2 pages)

Chapter XLII - A Potts Family from County Monaghan, Ireland (2 pages)

Chapter XLIII - Dutch and German Families of Pott, Potts & Putt, Wilhelm and Degenhardt Pott, The Potts of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (9 pages)

Chapter XLIV - Some Miscellaneous Fragments, An Anglo-Hibernian Potts Family (7 pages)

Part III. David Potts and his Descendants (172 pages)

Describes David Potts of Philadelphia County, Pa. and his descendants through the eighth generation. David Potts was thought to have been born about 1670 in Montgomeryshire, Wales. The date of his coming to America is unknown. He married Alice Croasdale in 1694, settled in Bristol Township, Philadelphia County, Pa. and died in 1730.

Chapter I - David Potts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Chapter II - Second Generation

Chapter III - Third Generation

Chapter IV - Fourth Generation

Chapter V - Fifth Generation

Chapter VI - Sixth Generation

Chapter VII - Seventh Generation

Chapter VIII - Eighth Generation

Supplement (to Part III, 8 pages). Adds information on descendants of David Potts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania from the third through seventh generations.

Part IV. Corrections and Additions

Appendix (32 pages). Contains information received after the previous pages were printed, correction of errors in the printed pages, and supplemental information.

Index to Part I - The Potts Family in Great Britain

Index to Part II -The Potts Family in America

Index to Part III - David Potts and his Descendants

Index to Part III - Names of Persons who have married Descendants of David Potts

Index to Part III - Names of Persons Incidentally Mentioned


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  2. Higginson Book Co., P.O. Box 778, Salem, MA 01970, U.S.A., reprint: hard or soft cover, approx. $95 U.S.
  3. Portions of the book are available for viewing at Al Potts’ web site,
  4. The entire book is available for viewing at When you arrive at the Advanced Search Page, enter (without quotations) "The Potts Family" in the second search box (in the blue area of the page), then click on the circle in front of Full View Only (in the white area of the page). Then click on Google Search in the upper right corner. The book should be the first one on the results page. Be sure to check Part IV - Corrections and Additions on pages 623 to 641 for anything applicable to the pages you are interested in.
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