Potts Family Miscellanea: Genealogy Data

Supplement to the author's Historical Collections Relating to the Potts Family in Great Britain and America, 1901.

Compiled by: Thomas Maxwell Potts

Published: 1907 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. by the author. An unknown number of copies were printed, with at least one copy in the Pennsylvania Historical Society at Philadelphia.

Format: Looseleaf, 8.5 " x 11 ", 237 pages including index. (Numbered pages run from 11 to 559 except there are no even numbered pages, and 12 pages are blank.)


In the preface of the printed volume entitled "Historical Collections Relating to the Potts Family in Great Britain and America, etc., 1901." it is stated that "It is the compiler's intention to deposit with the Pennsylvania Historical Society at Philadelphia, in addition to a copy of this work, a manuscript that will contain Indexes to Potts Wills and Deeds at different places, Lists of Marriages and Deaths, copies of papers and memoranda of greater of less value to the future historian of the family." This scheme is now matured in the following pages. The data is in measure more or less fragmentary and incomplete in many instances. This memoranda has not all been compared with the original copy and may in consequence contain errors, typographical and otherwise. It is hoped and believed that this data may in some way be helpful to those who may desire to pursue the subject of the family history further. /signed/ Thomas Maxwell Potts. Canonsburg, PA., 1907.

Table of Contents


Appendix (24 pages).

Index to persons named Potts

Index to names other than Potts


  1. Portions of the book will be available for viewing at this web site in the future.
  2. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania: Fa 929.2 P8714p 1901 - for research use only within the reading area.

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