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A List of Helpful Publications for POTTS Researchers

Last Revised: April 9, 2013

There are a number of quite useful published references for Potts surname researchers. However, the usefulness varies since the intentions of the authors and compilers were varied. Some of the references are specific to a particular Potts line, i.e., a particular Potts individual and some or all of his descendants. At least one other reference is generic; it examines all Potts lines (and some variations thereof). A third category of references is one in which a particular Potts family is included incident to several other family surname lines. The list below is not exhaustive and I welcome news of additional references. Publication availability, if known, is indicated at the end of the descriptions provided for each publication.

To view a description of the contents of a reference please click on the embedded link. Not all references have a separate description. There are additional useful links within the descriptions, some for viewing the publication at another site and some for downloading the reference in various formats at this or another site.

Nearer the bottom of this page there is a list of miscellaneous Potts files also available for downloading.

Generic Potts Line Reference:

Specific Potts Line References:

Incidental Potts Line References:


1. All of the publications written by Daniel A. Graham are available for perusal at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, PA, which offers online searches of its library at http://opac.hsp.org.

Miscellaneous Potts Information:

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