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Sample Database Record
Given Name(s) William R. Children-2 5
Father William Spouse-3 Surname Sp1.b.2/28/1826 AL
Mother Terrell, Cynthia F. Spouse-3 F-Name Sp1.d.3/14/1845 AL
Birth Date 1825 Aug 25? Marr-3 Date Sp1.b&d Macon Co.
Birth Location AL,Macon Co. Marr-3 Location farmer
Spouse-1 Surname Riskin Children-3  
Spouse-1 F-Name Cecelia Frances Death Date 1892 Aug 6
Marr-1 Date 1844 June 7 Death Location MS,Jefferson Co.
Marr-1 Location AL,Macon,Purserville Census Data 1880MS,Jefferson Co.
Children-1 0 Source Fam. Bible, Census
Spouse-2 Surname Doepel Reference Number  
Spouse-2 F-Name Mary Ellen Other Number WFT Vol. 423 #7349
Marr-2 Date 1847 Mar 13 Ancestral Line Benjamin of Wales
Marr-2 Location AL,Turner,Wrightsville Comment Garnerville, age 55
Haplogroup+SNP R1b1b1 M162

The information in the record above is ficticious.

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