Potts Database Structure

and data storage format

    Structure of the Database and Data Format

No. Field Name Size Contents
1 Given_Names 24 First Name Second Name Third Name or Init. [Surname*]
2 Father 18 First Name Second Name Third Name or Initial
3 Mother 24 Maiden Name, Given Names
4 Birth_Date 12 YYYY MMM DD or Ca. YYYY**
5 Birth_Location 26 State,County,City-Town-Township (for the USA)
      Country,County or Province,City-Town-Settlement (outside the USA)
6 Spouse1_Surname 15 Maiden Name
7 Spouse1_F-Name 18 First Name Second Name or Initial
8 Marriage1_Date 12 YYYY MMM DD or Ca. YYYY**
9 Marriage1_Location 24 see No. 5 above
10 Issue1 6 The number of children, or an indication (Y) that they had children
11 Spouse2_Surname 15 see No. 6 above
12 Spouse2_F-Name 18 see No. 7 above
13 Marriage2_Date 12 see No. 8 above
14 Marriage #2 Location 24 see No. 5 above
15 Issue2 6 see No. 10 above
16 Spouse3_Surname 15 see No. 6 above
17 Spouse3_F- Name 18 see No. 7 above
18 Marriage3_Date 12 see No. 8 above
19 Marriage3_Location 24 see No. 5 above
20 Issue3 6 see No. 10 above
21 Death_Date 12 see No. 8 above
22 Death_Location 24 see No. 5 above
23 Census_Data 20 YYYYSS,County Name - where SS = State abbreviation***
24 Source 12 Correspondent's name, Publication code, Public Record or WFT Vol.
25 Reference_No 8 Publication section or page
26 Other_No 8 Page number, document number or WFT tree number
27 Ancestral_Line 20 Named lines in Thos. Maxwell Potts' The Potts Family, or others
28 Comment 20 Extra info, nickname, census age or location, cause of death, etc.
29 Haplogroup_SNP 20 Designated DNA Haplogroup and SNP (subclade) if available.


* If the surname is not Potts it will appear in [brackets] after the given name(s).

** Various symbols or letters may follow the date:

+ indicates that the event took place after the listed year

- indicates that the event took place before the listed year

b or c after birth date indicates date of baptism or christening

w or b after death date indicates date will was probated or date of burial

*** For Canadian census information the format is YYYYCan,Province


An * in the Father and Mother fields indicates the information is based solely on census data.

A number following the given name indicates reuse of the name within the family, usually due to the death of the first so-named child.

A question mark folllowing any data indicates uncertainty.

MMM in a date field signifies the first three letters of the month.

If otherwise unused, the Spouse3 fields are used for Spouse1 and/or Spouse2 birth and death data.

The Census_Data field may be used to indicate a known residence and date other than census data.

Comments sometimes appear in otherwise unused fields, especially in the Marriage3_Location field.

The Issue field contains the number of children produced from the relationship. The relationship can be assumed to have been a marriage unless otherwise indicated. Adoptions are indicated in the Comments field.

In the unusual instance where an individual has been married more three times (yes, there are a few), an additional database record is included for the individual and the 4th spousel information can be found in the Spouse1 fields.

To view a sample database record (fictional information) click here.

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