Bush Name in Potts Database No. Ref Patriarch Year Location Migration
Abraham - Ireland 41 Abraham Potts bef. 1795 Ireland,Armagh,Keady To Ontario, Canada then PA and OH
Alexander - Scotland 12 TPF Alexander bef. 1790 Scotland Scotland-->VA-->SC-->GA , NC
Andrew - Ireland 17 Andrew 1829 Ireland, Co.  Antrim or Down Ireland-->Scotland-->CT
Andrew/Cath. Zilhart 311 Andrew I [Batz] Bef. 1730 Holland Holland-->PA-->MD-->IN, KY, MO,other
Anthony of Northumb. 15 TPF Anthony Ca. 1735 England England-->IL-->VA or NY or OH
Baker P. Potts 35 Baker P. 1793 VA,Brunswick Co. VA-->TN and AR-->TX
Benjamin Potts, Wales 125 Benjamin Ca. 1740 Wales Wales-->PA-->VA-->others
Bienville Parish, LA 16 Straffon 1824 South Carolina SC-->LA-->MS
Cheshire Co. England 1 Nehemiah [Pott] bef. 1649 Eng,Chester,Hurdsville? Will written May 1649 Eng,Chester,Hurds
David of Phila. Co. 640 TPF Thomas [Pott] bef. 1620 Wales,Montgomery,Llandiloes Migration to Phila., PA then many states
Dutch 14 Various 1818-1880 Holland Holland-->Canada,Ontario
Dutch & German 264 TPF,DSW Johannes [Patz] 1752 Holland/Germany Europe-->PA,Westmoreland Co.
Earliest Immigrants 8 TPF Various [Pott] 1585-1630 England Virginia
Edward Potts 65 Edward 1776 PA,Berks Co. Almost all stayed in Pennsylvania
England, Coventry 9 Thomas 1860 England,Coventry England-->NY,Rochester
England, Newcastle 9 Richard 1847 Eng,Newcastle Upon Tyne Eng,Newcastle Upon Tyne -->London
England, Yorkshire 14 Various 1886-1904 Eng,Yorkshire Births in Yorkshire with parent's names
England., Barrow on Tyne 9 George 1819 Eng,Barrow On Tyne One family splits to PA,WV,OH,OK
English 191 Various 1800-1881 Mostly Canada All claimed English ancestry in census
English Murderers! 5 Josiah 1843 Eng,Manchester Eng-->NV thru USA about 1880
Ephraim - England 18 TPF Ephraim bef. 1780 England Eng-->PA,Lancaster Co., Strasburg
Erasmus F. Potts 55 James Tanner 1820 North Carolina NC-->MS,AL-->OH,AR
Frederic of Holland 13 TPF Frederic 1730-1747 Holland Holland-->VA,Loudoun Co.-->KY or MO
Frederick of Canada 22 Walter Ca. 1828 England or Canada Eng,-->Canada-->IL,MN,NY
French 6 Various 1814-1879 All Canada All claimed French ancestry in census
George, Union Co., SC 412 TPF George Ca. 1625 England,Holystone Eng-->VA-->SC-->GA,IN,KY,MO,TX,TN,etc
George-1 of Ireland 15 TPF George Ca. 1765 Ireland,County Cavan Ireland-->mainly OH, some to PA,NY
George-2 of Ireland 13 TPF George Ca. 1725 Ireland,County Monaghan Ireland-->mainly PA, some to NY,MS
Georgetown Dist., SC 131 TPF,BBW Thomas(father Wm) 1692 England,Northumberland Co. Eng-->SC-->TX,LA,MS,TN
German 47 Various 1813-1881 Mostly Canada All claimed German ancestry in census
Hendley? 43 Hendley 1798-1799 Virginia VA-->NC-->KS-->OR
Henry,Eng->Australia 54 Henry 1793 Eng,Derbyshire,Dove Holes Eng-->Australia before 1858
Herefordshire, U.K. 54 Henry [Pott] bef. 1725 England Stayed in England
Holland 43 TPF Dirk [Pott] 1822 Holland bef. 1850-->IN,OH,MI,IL,PA,NJ
Irish 131 Various 1801-1881 Mostly Canada, some WI,MI All claimed Irish ancestry in census
Jackson - England 19 Jackson bef. 1847 England Eng-->MS-->LA-->TX--.AR
Jacob/Anna J. Rogers 42 Isaac bef. 1793 Delaware? DE-->PA-->IL-->IA
James - England 8 James Ca. 1900 England or New York Eng-->NY
James of Louisiana 5 James Willis Dec. 1904 Louisiana LA-->TX
Jefferson Co., KY 52 John Ca. 1760 Ireland Ireland-->VA-->KY
Jesse fm England 23 Thomas 1800-1816 Eng,Yorkshire Co. Eng-->PA
Joan Potts - Widow 1 TPF Joan/Jone Ca. 1665 Wales Wales-->PA,Philadelphia Co.,Germantown
Job, England 12 Job 1818-1819 England England-->IN,PA,NJ,ID
Joe Saul Manassa 43 Joseph Saul Manassa Apr. 1857 Georgia,Chelsea Stayed Georgia and Alabama
Johan Adam H. - Ger. 8 Johan Adam H, Aug. 1820 Germany,Oldendorf Germany-->MO
John - Cheshire,Eng. 8 John [Pott] Ca.  1405 England,Cheshire Eng,Cheshire and Derbyshire
John (Kingwood) 26 TPF Thomas Ca. 1737 PA,Philadelphia,Bristol PA-->NJ
John [Rev.] England 64 William bef. 1750 England,Cumberland Co. Eng-->KY in 1785, some to VA,MO,IL
John 1805 Tenn. 39 John Potts b.~1805 TN Arkansas and Texas TN-->MO-->TN-->AR-->TX
John Barnes, England 29 John Barnes  Jun. 1819 England Eng-->MI,Washington & Macomb Co.s
John M./Morning 119 John M. Ca. 1795 ? ?-->TN,AL,LA,TX
John of England 29 TPF John bef. 1770 England Eng-->Ireland,Canada-->PA,NY,NE
John of Path Valley 42 TPF John 1829 Ireland,Dublin Ireland-->PA,OH,IA
John of Scotland 19 John Ca. 1772 Scotland Scotland-->Ireland,Armagh,Keady
John Pott/Mary Inson 42 John [Pott] bef. 1731 Eng,Cheshire,Nantwich England, a few to Scotland & Belgium
John,Lannercost,Eng 47 John 1647 Eng,Lannercost,The Lines England-->NY & NJ
John-Belfast,Ireland 79 John Sep. 1806 Ireland,Antrim,Belfast Ireland-->CT,NY a few to VT & PA
John-Northumberland 92 John 1740 Eng,Northumberland,Norham Stayed in England except for a couple
Jonathan-LowerDublin 34 TPF Jonathan Ca. 1735 ? ?--->PA,DE a few to NJ
King George Co. VA 110 TPF William [Poates] b.~1692 VA Virginia Stafford & King George Cos. VA
Leonard - England 51 Leonard 1777 England,Cumberland Almost all stayed in Cumberland Co.
Louis Moses 7   Louis Moses Feb. 1877 Russia? Russia-->Virginia?
Margaret Potts-Cox 1 TPF Margaret Ca. 1691 Wales? Wales?-->PA,Philadelphia Co.
Margaret PottsMorgan 1 TPF Margaret Ca. 1689 ? PA,Philadelphia Co.?
Middlesex Co., NJ 43 Samuel Burtes? Ca. 1750 ?,   m. in NJ ?-->NJ,Middlesex Co.-->NY,MD,IA
Moses - Alabama 28 Moses 1829-1859 Alabama Alabama,Montgomery Co., some to MI
NC,Henry - Rowan Co. 392 TPF Henry Ca. 1725 Ireland? Irel-->PA?-->NC-->TN,KY,IN,MO
NC,James - Mecklenburg 347 TPF James 1719 Ireland? Irel-->PA-->NC,Mecklenburg,SC,AL,FL,++
NC,John bro. of Moses 163 TPF John Ca. 1725 Ireland? Irel-->PA,MD or NC,-->GA,MS,AL,KY,FL,++
NC,Jonathan -> SC 194 TPF Jonathan 1753 NC,Lincoln Co.? NC-->SC-->MS,TX,GA,AR,MO,IL
NC,Mocksville 28 Various 1874-1962 NC,Davie Co. All ended up in Mocksville, NC
NC,Moses of Ireland 143 Moses 1727 PA,Lancaster Co. PA-->NC & GA-->few to MS & VA
NC,Robert 1782 76 Robert Ca. 1782 NC,Iredell or KY,Mercer TN & IL-->AR,OK,IL-->more states
NC,Rowan Co. 12 Various 1774- Rowan Co., NC Fathers=William
NC,Rowan Co. - misc. 12 Various 1724- Rowan Co., NC Fathers=George
NC-Dunn/CharityPotts 82 Charity 1790 Pennsylvania? Hooked up with Mr. Dunn,Wayne Co.,NC
NC-Iredell Co. 54 Various 1786-1900 Macon and Iredell Cos., NC Almost all stayed in Macon & Iredell Cos.
Newcastle Upon Tyne 27 Various 1500-1800 Eng,Newcastle Upon Tyne Newcastle Upon Tyne Marriages
Nicholas Putt 6 TPF Nicholas [Putt] Ca. 1690 Holland or Germany Holland or Germany-->PA,Philadephia
Northumberland Potts 91 William Ca. 1780 Eng,Northumberland,Acomb Eng-->PA,Philadelphia 1860+
Orphans -John- Wales 6 TPF John Ca. 1687 Wales Wales-->PA,Philadephia bef. 1708
Oswald - England 152 JIP John Mar. 1696 England,Monmouthshire Wales-->SC,Union Co.-->TN,Bedford Co.
Palatine Imgrnt 1710 4 Peter 1805 New York Stayed there
Peter & Polly - VA 60 Peter 1798 Virginia or Georgia? VA/GA-->TX and GA
Pot - Holland 48 Simon Symonse [Pot] May 1692 Holland,Purmer Holland-->SD in 1880s
Potts of E. Virginia 20 TPF Thomas Ca. 1785 Virginia? VA,Susses Co. & Greenville Co.
Potts of Paola, KS 28 Peter J. Aug. 1819 North Carolina NC-->KS,Miami Co.,Paola & MO,Cass Co.
Potts of Shropshire 70 TPF John & Thos. [Pott] bef. 1750 England Eng,Shropshire,Broseley
Protestant Immg->SC 5 Robert 1710 Ireland Ireland
Prussia 23 Various [Pott] 1816-1929 Prussia & Luxemburg? Minnesota & South Dakota
R.F.L. & Eliz. Kelly 158 Richard Frederick Lafayette Ca. 1770 Germany Ger-->TN-->AR-->IL,OK,AZ,TX,FL
Raynard-Germany 135 Raynard Ca. 1725 Germany Ger-->MD,MI and many to Canada,Ont.
Rees PottsGermantown 1 Rees/Reese/Riece Ca. 1675 Wales Wales-->PA,Philadelphia Co.,Germantown
Robert - Dobbs Co.NC 13 Stringer Ca. 1760 ? Or North Carolina NC-->TN-->IL
Robert - Newcastle 100 Robert Apr. 1722 Eng,Northumberland,Alwinton Stayed in Eng except a few to Aruba
Robert 1746 England 62 Robert 1746 England Eng-->Michigan,Oakland Co.,Milford
Robert of Ireland 2 Robert 1795+ Ireland, County Monaghan? Eng-->PA,Lancaster Co.
Robert of Virginia 41 TPF Robert Ca. 1690 Wales Wales-->VA,Northumberland-->MD,MO
Robert, 1755-,England 36 Robert bef. 1755 England,(Yorkshire?) Eng-->OH--> few to KY,CT,Canada
Scotch-Irish descent 24 Patrick S. Apr. 1797 South Carolina SC-->Tennessee
Scottish 71 Various 1798-1938 Scotland,Canada,other All claimed Scottish ancestry in census
Sijmen Pieters Pot 13 Sijmen Pieters [Pot] 1771-1800 Netherlands Holland-->Illinios,Cook Co.
Solomon Q., England 13 TPF Solomon Q. late 1700s England,Northhampton? Eng-->IL-->TX
Staffordshire, U.K. 1 Albert ? England,Staffordshire Eng-->NY about 1912
Sussex Co., NJ 82 Isaac 1751 NJ,Sussec Co. Most stayed in NJ, others to PA,NY,IL, etc.
Thomas J., Scotland 84 Thomas J. 1750 Scotland,Berwickshire Some to Eng. Others to SC,OH,PA,MO,KS
Thomas Jefferson 127 Thomas Jefferson 1790 Germany or KY,Estill Co. KY,Powell,Clark & Estill Co.s, OH,Clark Co.
Thomas of Honduras 10 Thomas ? England Eng-->Honduras
Thomas of Kent 9 Thomas Ca. 1785 England,Kent Remained in Kent, England
Thomas of Wales 1,692 TPF Thomas [Pott]  bef. 1620 Wales,Montgomery,Llandiloes Migration to Phila., PA then many states
Thomas&Priscilla-VA 23 Thomas 1779-1780 Virginia VA-->TN,Jefferson Co.
Thos. Pott of Wales 7 Thomas Ca. 1635 Wales,Montgomeryshire,llangirrig Same as Location
Thos. Potts (Miller) 34 TPF Thomas Ca. 1688 Pennsylvania,Philadelphia Co. PA,Philadelphia Co. & Bucks Co.
Thos. Potts (Shield) 517 TPS,TPF Richard [Pott] Ca. 1622 England,Chesterfield Eng-->NJ and PA mainly
ThosJr Colebrookdale 457 TPF,MEM Thomas 1680 Wales Wales-->PA, most stayed in PA
Welsh 10 Henry S. 1817 PA,Mifflin,Newton-Hamilton Father b. Wales, Mother b. PA
Wilhelm fm Rotterdam 64 TPF Wilhelm [Pott] early 1700s Germany or Holland Holland-->PA,Berks & Schuylkill Cos.
William - Lancashire, NC 44 William Oct. 1809 England,Lancashire Co. Eng-->MO Ca. 1840, MS,KS,TX,CA
William 1598 England 367 GWP William Potts b. 1598 Yorkshire, England until 1819 England to Australia 1819
William E. (Will) 12 William E. "Will" July 1862 Mississippi One family, stayed in Mississippi
William of Ireland 126 TPF William Ca. 1650 England,Cheshire Co. Eng-->Ireland-->MD,Canada,Ontario
William Pott, PA 11 William [Pott] Ca. 1710 Pennsylvania,Berkshire One family, stayed in Pennsylvania
Wm - Burton-On-Trent 35 William 1848 England Father Wm, Eng-->KS,MO,NY,WI,TX
Wm. b.1816 Phila. PA 23 William 1816 Pennsylvania Father John?  All stayed Philadelphia
Wm of New Castle,UK 4 William Henry Ca. 1650 Eng,Northumberland,NewCastle Eng-->CT,New London bef. 1679
Wm. Henry - Belfast 1 William Henry 1843 Ireland,Belfast Ireland-->Australia 1861, 7 children

The cell labeled "Ref" contains an appreviation for one of the over 30 references that are described at this site.

TPF is The Potts Family (short title) compiled by Thomas Maxwell Potts

TPS is Thomas Potts (Shield) - And Related Families complied by Gloria (Potts) Stracke

MEM is Memorial to Thomas Potts Jr. who settled in Pennsylvania by Mrs. Thomas Potts James

GWP is A History of the Potts Family compiled by Geoffrey William Potts, transcript by Barry Douglas Potts

JIP is The Potts Family Family Descendants of Oswald Potts compiled by J. Ivan Potts

BBW is The Thomas Potts Family of South Carolina by Becky (Bennett) Wallace

DSW is The Potts Family of Westmoreland, Indiana, and Nearby Counties by Douglas S. Wilson