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Last Revised:  March 5, 2011

Generational and Geographical DNA Testing Goals and Analysis Methods

With more Potts surnamed persons, or their spouses, having their Y-DNA tested, and reported on accessible web sites, we have the opportunity to try to geographically locate distant ancestors. However, finding a close match using some web sites' search features can result in merely locating someone with a common ancestor but not with the Potts surname, i.e., we haven't located the Potts ancestor.


Unfortunately, there is no central clearing house for DNA results although several sites offer matching capability only. I have no interest in my site becoming a central clearing house but it can serve to provide clues to ancestral lines, and ultimately general geographical locations. My website offers near instant access to information on almost 31,000 Potts individuals. Many of these individuals are categorized by ancestral line, and a couple of the lines already have a Haplogroup designation as a result of DNA test reports from visitors to the site. But we could accelerate this process if tested persons would identify themselves (to me) by providing their "ID code" on DNA test result sites. Then, if they have provided me with names of some of their Potts ancestors, I can try to match them to either a known ancestral line, or other tested persons with similar DNA profiles. This proceedure assures that we are only looking at Potts surnamed individuals. Please see the footnotes below for possible "monkey wrenches" in the works.


Female Potts surnamed individuals need to find a volunteer male in their line to get his DNA tested, then report the results and his name. Several female Pottses have already done this.


I have no interest in listing a living person's name and DNA Haplogroup on my web site unless that is their desire. I have no desire to post any list of persons and their DNA profiles. There is no public need for this type of information.


The results of the above effort could possibly identify geographic locations of origin, or passage, but more importantly may teach us what we can and cannot learn from existing testing methods


Cy Potts




1. There is always the possibility that a Y-DNA chain in an ancestral line may be broken. How? By adoption, by name change or by illegitimacy. This is a tough one because we can't go back up the ancestral line and sample DNA through the generations.


2. DNA testing with only a minimum number of markers can provide "matches" with others in the testing database, but any matches are not likely to be the distant relatives you seek. Of course, if your goal is only to find ersatz relatives then it may work for you.



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