DNA Testing

A list of the available DNA tests for genealogical purposes

Last Revised:  October 28 , 2009


This page lists DNA tests available for genealogical research, and explains the purpose of each. For genealogical purposes DNA tests are separated into two basic types: patrilineal (fathers and males in the ancestral line) and matrilineal (mothers and females in theancestral line). A Glossary of DNA terminology is presented on a separate page at this site.


Note: Different sites may name the same test differently. Read the offers carefully. No prices are listed here as the prices vary according to test site. Generally the prices range from $100 to $700, with most tests under $300. More competition will no doubt reduce the prices.


Patrilineal Tests (male specific)

Y-DNAxx (where xx equals the number of markers desired, e.g., 12, 20, 37, 44, 67, 91). Results predict the ethnic and geographic origin of the paternal line and a haplogroup is assigned.


Y-DNA STR (tests 12 to 91 Y-DNA markers). Essentially the same test as above under a different name.


Y-DNA SNP. Tests subclade specific SNP markers unique to your haplogroup, or newly discovered SNP markers as they become available.


Matrilineal Tests (male or female)

mtDNA. Tests mitochondrial DNA from the mother.


mtDNAPlus. Tests HVR1 and HVR2.




And, of course, variations and combinations of the above, plus some conversion tests (to incorporate test(s) from a different tester.



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